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Hello there! My name is Leonardo Moradi (a.k.a. Leo) and I'm a bilingual entertainment and marketing professional currently working for Live Nation.


For me, it all started with performing in my first high school musical, where I was exposed to a combination of theatre and music for the first time; that was the very moment I discovered my passion for entertaining people and my fondness of art as a whole.

I went on to community college and earned my Associate Degree in Computer Science during the day while performing in several college productions and local Orange County theatres and bars at night. Pursuing a degree in the technology field helped me gain deeper knowledge on computer systems and applications, which I quickly learned to apply them within digital marketing, music production, and photography. 

Upon my community college graduation, I auditioned and got accepted into the competitive South Coast Repertory Summer Acting intensive in Costa Mesa, where I was trained in different types of performing arts through the teaching of leadeing experts within the industry.

Soon after the completion of the intensive, I started my undergraduate degree in Dramatic Arts from the prestigious Claire Trevor School of the Arts at University of California, Irvine where I was further trained as a performer and business professional in entertainment under the mentorship of renowned professors; I graduated with honors and a thesis in 2016.


As a result of my background and passions, I combine industry skills, experiences, and knowledge to start offering professional services, mentorship, and consultations to you. 

How can I bring value to your project, personal brand, niche blog, or business?

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Photo Credit: Jonathan Edzant